GameGo Computers

GameGo Computers is your go-to source for the fastest tech service in mid-Michigan. GameGo Computers has been serving the community, building and repairing electronics for nearly a decade. You can rest assured knowing that your electronics are safe in his hands. Devices that pass through GameGo Computers will leave as good as new — and occasionally, better than new.

Your top 5 reasons to choose GameGo:
1. Fast Service: One day turn-around for most repairs, and as little as 20 minutes for phone screen repairs.
2. Expertise: tech-savvy on all makes and models of handhelds, mobile phones, gaming consoles, MAC/PC computers, TVs
3. Best price: costs are always quoted at time of service and no bench fee required for service.
4. Quality: your technology is treated is our own. We use top quality parts and brands in repairs.
5. Honesty: having a tech guy you can trust is important these days, we take the trust factor seriously.

Ian Walters

Ian Walters has built complex custom servers, high-end gaming PCs with custom hardware cooling and lighting systems, and has modified everything from games-consoles to televisions. Ian always keeps up to date with the latest trends and methods of the trade. His expertise is not just limited to phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, or televisions: if it has an electrical pulse, he can repair it.

Ian Walters opened GameGo Computers in 2008 after moving to mid-Michigan from California. He saw a need in the area for an honest, knowledgeable computer service provider people could trust and depend on to provide top quality service. GameGo Computers has become the go-to place for all tech service and repair throughout mid-Michigan. Its reputation for fast, dependable, honest service is the result of Ian Walter's passion and commitment to fix what's broken and help get customers reconnected fast. Ian's interest in computer service and repair evolved years ago out of a personal frustration in trying to find quality repair help. Recognizing a need for such service, Ian learned everything there is to know about tech repair ... and GameGo Computers was born.