All Apple Products

We are the only shop in the area that can reliably repair all Apple products. If your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other Apple product is damaged, we can repair it just as well as the Apple Store and for a fraction of the price!

Custom Airbrush Computer Cases

We can Create a custom computer case.

Laptops and Desktops

Have a PC or a Mac? Need a custom build or a hardware upgrade? We can build you the machine of your dreams or just get your current machine running like a dream! We offer a $20 discount on repairs for military and students with valid ID.

Game Consoles & TVs

RROD? YLOD? No worries! We can fix any console. Whether it's the DVD or Blu Ray laser that needs replacing, or the hard drive, GameGo is the place to go! Did your TV bulb burn out? We can bring your TV back into working order.

Home and Small Business Networks

Do you need a home or business server? Do you need a robust, powerful local network? Here at GameGo, we enable small businesses and homes to have very fast, robust local networks for secure file transfer and communications.

Mobile Device Repair

We can repair any mobile device: whether it's Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. We repair all tablets and phones. We offer a $10 discount for military and students, with valid ID!

Virus Removal & Computer Tune-ups

Is your machine running slow? Is there a virus or spyware plaguing your system? Here at GameGo, we specialize in removing malware and can get your computer running like new again.

Data Storage and Recovery

Need a place to securely store your data? We provide data backup services, so you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe in the event of a catastrophic meltdown. In the case of a hardware meltdown, we can also recover your data.

We Buy Used Products

Have an old phone or computer? An old Xbox or Sega? We buy used devices and provide the best prices in town!

Phones and Accessories

We have accessories for your mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Trick out your machine with our large selection of phone cases, speakers, vanity items, and more! We now offer controller and case-mods for PCs and consoles.

Need a new phone? At GameGo, we sell mobile devices for multiple carriers!

Software Specialists

We specialize in all software: we can remove viruses, software, malware, or any other adware from your computer. We can tune your computer up, and make it run like-new, whether your machine is a Mac, Windows machine, or Linux box.

No Bench Fee!

Here at GameGo, we provide the best value for our customers. We don't have a bench fee. You pay a flat repair fee, as well as the cost of the part. Don't pay the other guys an hourly rate! We provide peace of mind and gaurantee all of our repairs. Also free with purchase of any repair service is cleaning of the device, disk defragmentation & disk clean-up, virus scanning and listing, device and driver updates, and operating system updates.