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GameGo Computers & Game Traders Plus

is a top computer repair provider, gaming systems, software, and accessories dealer, and tech solutions specialist in the Mt Pleasant, MI, area. We're glad you stopped by to visit us. Our passion is restoring computers and accessories for our clients so they can continue their work efforts and personal endeavors.
Our founder has always loved technology and electronics and made his dream to work in the field a reality in 2008. Our business has been growing daily since then because we regularly satisfy new clients. These are some of the best reasons to come to us for your tech needs:

Affordable Prices

We understand struggles and financial challenges, and our pricing reflects that. Our quotes are always timely and related to the day you bring your item for service. We consider current trends and strive to be more flexible than the other guys. none of our services have a bench fee or any surprise costs attached to them. We have a straightforward approach and an honest pricing grid.

Top-Notch Expertise

You can feel confident that your computer, cellphone, or accessory is in good hands when you bring it to us. Our experts have formal education, training, and passion for their work.

Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty are two attributes that are few and far between these days. Because of that, we're always upfront and honest about all aspects of our PC repair work. You can take our quotes and advice to heart because they always contain absolute truth.

Electronics Repair

Mobile Device Care and Repair

You can count on us for quick and precise phone repair. We can help you with your phone, whether you have an Android, iPhone, or alternative device. The best part about our repairs is that we never charge a bench fee for any of them.

We charge you for the work we do on your products, and that's it. We are the top providers in the area, and we have multitudes of happy customers who can attest to that. You can find some of our reviews online and see what people say about our repair jobs.

Amazing Discounts

It's your lucky day if you're a military person or student. We offer a discount on repairs for such individuals.

We do everything we can to please everyone who calls or brings us their device. Contact us if you have a broken or quirky computer, have items to sell, or need help with your mobile phone.

Offering Fast and Efficient Technology Solutions

GameGo Computers & Game Traders Plus is your go-to source for the fastest tech service for your computers, tablets, and video game consoles in Central Michigan. We have been building and repairing electronics for more than a decade. You can rest assured knowing that your electronics are safe in our hands.

About Our Founder

Ian Walters opened GameGo Computers & Game Traders Plus in 2008 after moving to mid-Michigan from California. He saw a need in the area for an honest, knowledgeable computer service provider people could trust and depend on to provide top-quality service.

Electronic Repair Store

How the Company Took Root

Ian's interest in computer service and repair evolved years ago out of frustration in trying to find quality repair help. Recognizing a need for such a service, Ian learned everything there is to know about tech repair, and GameGo Computers & Game Traders Plus was born.

We became the go-to place for all tech service and repair throughout mid-Michigan. Its reputation for fast, dependable, honest service is the result of Ian Walter's passion and commitment to fixing what's broken and helping get customers reconnected fast. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us

Fast Service

We offer one day turn-around for most repairs, and as little as twenty minutes for phone screen repairs.


We are tech-savvy on all makes and models of handhelds, mobile phones, gaming consoles, MAC/PC computers, and TVs.

Best Price

Costs are always quoted at time of service and no bench fee required for service.


Your technology is treated is our own. We use top quality PC parts and brands in repairs.


Having a tech guy you can trust is important these days, we take the trust factor seriously.

No Bench Fee

Here at GameGo Computers & Game Traders Plus, we provide the best value for our customers. We don't have a bench fee. You pay a flat repair fee, as well as the cost of the part. Don't pay the other guys an hourly rate! We provide peace of mind and guarantee all of our repairs.
Also free with the purchase of any repair service is cleaning the device, disk defragmentation & disk clean-up, virus scanning and listing, device and driver updates, and operating system updates.

We Buy Used Products

Have an old phone or computer? Or an old Xbox or Sega? We buy used devices and provide the best prices in town!

Laptops and Desktops

Have a PC or a Mac? Need a custom build or a hardware upgrade? We can help you with building a computer of your dreams or just get your current machine running like a dream! We offer a $20 discount on repairs for military and students with valid ID.

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